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about the collection
​When Al Wynne died at age 87 in 2009, we—his wife Lou, and daughter Marsea—affirmed his legacy by selecting major works that are important to our family. We chose paintings, calligraphy, sculptures, and writings that we feel are among his best works, works that we want to hold close for a variety of reasons. We also chose ceramics by Lou that we will never release for sale. This collection of work by Al and Lou Wynne will be part of our family as long as we live. 


Although the collection will never be sold during our lifetimes, we want to share it with the world. In part, or as a whole, wynne|wynne is available for exhibition. Curators are invited to contact Lou Wynne to borrow paintings, sculptures, or calligraphy for any upcoming exhibitions. Please send us your contact information by using our contact form

Visit our store to order limited edition reproductions of works in the collection. An annual calendar and ebook will soon be available for purchase. Join our mailing list for exhibition announcements.

View an extensive selection of original large and small oil paintings, watercolors, and sculpture by Al Wynne at  http://www.zartdept.com/Al_Wynne.html or contact Randy Roberts at Z Art Dept in Denver, CO, USA at 303.298.8432.
Al and Lou Wynne 2006, with Naissance painting.