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ALL images on this site ©2011 Lou Wynne
From 1961-2013, the Wynne Studio was located in Black Forest, a scenic Ponderosa pine forest near Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA. On June 13, 2013, the most destructive wildfire in Colorado history struck the area, and the Wynne family home and studio were burned to ash. Nearly all of the paintings you see on this website were lost, along with over 500 others. Along with paintings, calligraphy, and sculptures, many of Lou's ceramic pieces were also burned beyond repair, and Denver's Westword art critic declared this to be the worst tragedy in Colorado art history. Only around 30 paintings were rescued or had been in storage outside the studio; these are now in the family home in Denver. An unknown number of other paintings remain in museum and private collections. Thankfully, the Kirkland Museum in Denver holds 17 very fine works, and individuals nationwide, and around the world own paintings. Our family has been devastated by our loss and we are struggling to rebuild in Lakewood, Colorado, in the Denver Metro area. Al Wynne passed away in 2009. Lou will continue to work in ceramics in her new studio, but our lives will never be the same. If you own a painting by Al Wynne, please contact us.

Thanks to Lou and Marsea's decision to catalog the paintings immediately after Al's death, there are numerous high-resolution images of the lost works. Artist Tracy Felix generously donated his time to photograph the majority of the paintings. Thanks to Tracy and to earlier photographs by professional photographer Joseph Amram, and the Kirkland Museum, works by Lou and Al Wynne can still be enjoyed. We will add more photos to this website as soon as possible. Giclée prints are available in limited sizes, and we plan to publish a book in the near future.